Ursus Americanus is discussing:

I've lost count of the times men have rejected or insulted me simply because I was brighter, wittier or cleverer than they are.

Men are attracted, whether they consciously understand it or not, to GOOD MOTHERS.

Being young and pretty and having all the right parts checks the first box for basic reproductive potential. Being NICE, having EMPATHY, and PATIENCE, and CARING about other people means you'll probably take good care of the kids you can make, and that checks the second box. Not coincidentally, it also reduces the chance of DIVORCE, which is the single most devastating thing that can happen to a man without actually killing him. Third box.

There are no other boxes. "Being smart" is not a box. Being "successful" just means you're good at fighting with men, so... not a box.

You're clearly not smart enough to figure that shit out.