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Where’s the Apologies ZUCKERTERD! FASCISTBOOK censored these posts when President Trump expressed this fact. You’re losing FASCISTSBOOK users worldwide and now that jackass of a President we have now has no choice but to admit the virus was man made in a Wuhan lab from CHINA! The Globalists like your jackass of a president are only interested now because they desire to spin the story another way. China owns the jackass and his jackass son. You can take your Commie Big Tech company and shove it. Not interested nor can I understand why free thinking logical Americans would want a FASCISTBOOK account who’s creator censors the truth and should be tried for TREASON iN SUPPRESSING THE TRUTH AND THEN BE TRIED FOR PERJURY BECAUSE HE FLAT OUT LIED ABOUT IT BEFORE NOT JUST CONGRESS BUT WE THE PEOPLE WERE LIED TOO!

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