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Just erase the name "George Floyd" from your mind. People who bring his name up as a justification for the idiocy they call 'reform' want to evoke an emotional response from you. They want you to react in anger. They desperately need you to respond the way the way you do because they need you to appear even more unreasonable than they are to make their ideas palatable.

And like good obedient domesticated animals, when they say bark you bark.

Stop allowing yourself to be manipulated by these people. Recognize the reality. Policing does need reform because its priorities are entirely out of whack. The first priority is to be a revenue agent. Mostly in the form of traffic enforcement.(don't BS and say you follow traffic laws - every time you drive you violate at least one such law.) Traffic enforcement is the sotto voce rationale that leads to Priority#2 on the road.

The second priority is prohibition. It failed with alcohol, but weed, heroin, meth, etc are magically different . The prohibitionists say prohibition will in fact work here we just haven't prohibitioned hard enough.

I find it exceptionally easy to not be a murderer, thief or rapist. I suspect most of you equally find it easy to not be any of those things as well. As such we ought to never have to worry about having our door kicked in by a bunch of guys dressed like they expect to find Osama hiding in the closet. But I do have to worry about this because Policing Priority #2 says its imperative that Cops be allowed to bust in a guy's door at 3AM because if we waited till morning, and/or gave him time to respond to our knocks the major drug lord criminal mastermind might manage to flush the dozens of full size weed plants we expect to find in his home down the toiled leaving us with no evidence.

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