James Axsom is discussing:

President Biden has been sued for his decision to fund terrorism – a move that violates federal law.

The rule of law doesn't exist anymore. There's no point in a lawsuit. They can do and will do whatever they want with impunity. They proved it stealing the 2020 election. Not one individual, not one group of people in the entire country held them accountable.

This is where President Trump failed America in the end. He had opportunity to declare martial law and put stop to this once and for all, but lacked the moral courage to do so. Sure there would have been bloodshed had he done so, but how many lives would he had saved in the long run had he done so? Now think of the sacrifice that's going to be required to uproot the evil in the country. That sacrifice requirement grows larger each day that the thugs who hold America hostage become more rooted and corrupt.

There's going to be a breaking point. The Jews in 1930's Germany are a past portrait of modern day America, only this time it won't be the Jews going into the ovens, it'll be us.