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Centner Academy barred teachers newly vaccinated against the coronavirus from being near students. Some parents threatened to withdraw their children. Others clamored to enroll.

I love how the NY Times dismisses things as "conspiracy theories" without providing anything but a reference to another one of their crap articles that happens to be behind a pay wall. Look, the NY Times has been caught lying more often than Goebbels, so without providing links to specific studies on the experimental vaccines that show no spike protein shedding and if there is shedding, no harmful effects to others - this claim is meaningless. This is a serious question, not (like the NY Times) a statement of facts for/against. So before you can convince me to condemn this school, I'd need to see actual studies that convince me it is a "conspiracy theory."

Right now there is a lot we don't know about these experimental vaccines. The normal studies done on a vaccine before approval take years and even those already underway are not slated to conclude for more than a year. Kids have near zero risk from the virus, so no distancing, no masks, no nothing makes perfect sense for schools. Teachers that don't want to work in such an environment should feel free to seek employment elsewhere. For the sensible folks, Vitamin D, Zinc, Quercetin, Vitamin C, eat healthy, and get some regular exercise. Based on the CDC's own figures, people under 70 have no more chance of dying than from the flu. Last I checked we don't shutdown the economy, distance, wear masks, and hide in Biden's basement for the flu.

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