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Scrambled eggs with jalapeno peppers, and a strawberry milkshake. The last meal of the condemned. Hillary Rodham Clinton was hanged at Guantanamo Bay Monday night, her death the culmination of an operation that began on March 2 when U.S. Navy SEALs on Donald J. Trump’s authority arrested the disgraced politician at her Chappaqua, NY mansion. […]

True? Not True? Wishing it to be true doesn't count. Certainly there are video's of the trial and the evidence presented there could be released. The five that pushed the buttons could testify to what they saw. As could the Joint Chiefs present with President Trump. The doctor who certified death and perhaps a handful of others present at the time the trap door opened could tell what they saw.

Would release of any or all of that convince even one of your liberal friends it happened? Has it even convinced you?

How many times has the 'Anonymous source' been trotted out? By its nature, realrawnews has to be anonymous. The trial, presentation of evidence, verdict and execution did not have to be. That could have been public except for the small matters of a stolen election and a generally corrupt government at the Federal, State and Local levels. Still, it was a choice to make it a secret proceeding.

Which begs the question: Does it really matter? At one level the deliverance of Justice matters each time it is done. But for the general public around the world who don't know it happened and wouldn't believe it even if told, there it matters not a whit.

Which leaves, from my chair in the cheap seats, a move from the military strategy angle. There the message could be 'The gloves are off'. And if that is true, if mind you, then action in the visible public sphere should be starting. The pace of arrest, trial, judgement has to pick up from one a week for the literally thousands of miscreants deserving a similar fate.

If, and only if, it really matters.

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