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ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

The issue isn't other countries producing the vaccine that is not a vaccine but what goes into the vaccine that is not a vaccine. All the nano tech and encapsulation of mRNA for delivery to the cells is well beyond just growing a culture in a lab vial. Plus the add on chemicals and compounds, different and patented for each US manufacturer, requires specialized equipment to produce. If all this tech was transferred hither and yon around the globe then so many more countries would have a real leg up on their own biological weapons program.

So the fig leaf excuse of Intellectual Property is trotted out. So many awkward questions are avoided from being asked for which lies would need to be created as answers. That would lead to more questions and things would rapidly go downhill from there. Better to stick with the cover story and ignore the protestations. Better from the Powerz viewpoint anyway.