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Facing a looming censure vote in the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is defiant in her latest public comments

Nothing will happen to Waters because Conservatives people/voters do not have large aggressive groups even more aggressive than BLM & Antifa that will jump out as fast, fearless as fire ants when our homes and businesses are attacked. No “Minutemen” on conservative side.

Conservative groups must see they must duplicate a lot of what BLM and ANTIFA are let to get away with. They must know such aggressive conservative groups will be fighting not only USA and law & order hating people in groups like BLM and ANTIFA, conservative groups will also be fighting both of the evil colluding political parties, the enemy within, conspirators.

Know too that the Generals of the mighty Armed Forces that are told to stand down while Socialism is being violently installed, will quickly be given orders to crush aggressive conservative groups that counter the violent destructive enemy within.

Understand always that no politician really cares about life. All are deceiving death dabblers that control lives broadly and deeply with their words, tones, actions, laws, tax grabbing, tax distribution, and growing the $27 trillion debt.

Think how many lives could be helped and saved with $27 trillion? As debt it does the opposite.

Politicians cannot succeed in their profession if not deceiving death dabblers, period. My favorite is the likes of Trump in that we must like the USA and love law and order and do our best to live by the 10 commandments.

Socialism is winning in nearly every arena of such warfare because their enemy is weak. No resistance on their level from conservative voters. We enable our conservative leaders to stay their course, conspire with the enemy. Stupidly weak.

Conspiracy - a planned evil lie that ends in death but is really murder, but not called murder. Growing the $27 trillion debt included conspiratorial murderous deeds. Getting out of $27 trillion debt will also cause death not called murder. Conspiracy in, conspiracy out.