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Officer Brian B says someone shouldn’t be doing a police job if they can shoot someone in heat of moment

"While Glocks have a safety trigger, Tasers do not."

That's true-ish, but irrelevant and illustrative of the ignorance of anti-gun quims. Glocks do have a trigger safety (not a "safety trigger"), a firing pin safety and a drop safety, but they don't have any other safety device that has to be manually disengaged in order to fire. That's by design, they're intended to be always-ready.

What's significant is that Axon Tasers (X2 / Taser X26 / Taser 7) do have a manual safety that has to be disengaged, rather than a trigger safety.

Which is if anything the wrong way around. Better to have a taser ND than a firearm, as this menopausal tart found out.

Not that I'll shed a tear over the dead gang-banger: nothing of value has been lost.