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Recently, a White guy in America shot up an Insectoid “Happy-Ending” Parlor. The FBI themselves said the attack was not racially-motivated. That has not stopped the media and Insectoids of America blaming “White Supremacy”, even as blacks attack them. Having fun being “honorary Aryans”, Asians?I actually hate Insectoids more than most of the other races, to be honest. These people have more hubris and engage in more complex schemes to undermine us than anyone else; they are second only to the Jews in this regard. These people are trying to jump on the “Critical Race Theory” bandwagon, but I think it’s going to backfire on them spectacularly. They are the highest-earning ethnic group in America right now and they will find no sympathy from the hispanics and blacks they’re trying to ally with. On the intersectional hierarchy, they will be last to benefit and first to be taken from. The Schadenfreude I will experience as that happens will be immeasurable. About a week after the shooting, which killed 6 bugs and 2 Whites, some variant of Sand person Allahu Ackbar’d a supermarket in Colorado, killing 10 White people. All of his victims were White. You’ll be shocked to know this woman is JewishThe above was, as expected, the sentiment of every anti-White mouthpiece on the internet and media. They’re all in that it’s another “White supremacist terrorist”, one guy on Twitter even “bet his salary” but suddenly demand we pay no mind to the killer when it turns out it was a diverse individual, if they say anything further at all. Just as they say nothing about the THOUSANDS of White ...

Why is this racist BS on GAB Trends? You're a pathetic incel, probably like the dude who shot up the spa's. You love Asian women, but they reject you. You're a coward.

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