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A staggering 500,071 people have died of COVID-19 Monday afternoon. Even as the US hits the tragic milestone in the historic pandemic, declining infection and hospitalizations offer hope.

"A staggering 500,071 people have died of COVID-19" - that is a provable lie. The US CDC announced an audit a few weeks back and stated outright that only about 6% of the "deaths" are solely from covid, and that only because no autopsy was done.

In addition the WHO gave "guidance" last April that ALL death certificates would show covid as primary cause of death NO MATTER WHAT REALLY KILLED THEM. Stage 4 lung cancer, gun shot, drug overdose, etc., are ALL to be listed as contributing factor on the death certificate. What a crock of codswallop meant to keep the sheeple running about in terror like an episode of Shaun the Sheep.

And then the Daily Fail echos the propaganda put out by the pols and their pet doctors just so they can keep the totalitarian heel on the people's neck.

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"A staggering 500,071 people have died of COVID-19"