HELENA – Montana lawmakers are considering a bill that would designate antifa as a domestic terrorism group, despite no evidence of antifa activities in the state. The intent of the measure is to “send a message that we as a state won’t tolerate a group like this coming into our state,” bill sponsor Rep. Braxton […]

The truth as I see it is this is kinda ineffective. Too little, too late. Yes, we need more done in state legislatures, but more importantly at the Federal Level. And we need more proactive leadership from the GOP. Conservatives seem to always be on the defensive.

And why isn't the FBI, Justice Dept looking into and doing something about ANTIFA? Oh, that right, they are filled with deep state nevertrumpers who can't or won't even look into the illegal acts of former Sec of State Hillary Clinton and her access for pay Clinton Foundation. I forgot. Nevermind!

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