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President Biden has rescinded the emergency order used by former President Trump to justify construction of the border wall, the White House announced Thursday.

I'm totally convinced, our only chance is that we must start a reform movement. Stated goal: Voter ID and Fraud Prevention Act. We should MARCH twice a month on every state capitol. Call it American's Lives Matter (ALM). Our demands? *Voter ID, Ballot archiving, structured & streamlined time frame contesting procedures, uniforms regs as to absentee and mail out ballots (in emergency?) We announce and demand protection for these constitutional demonstrations. If the government prevents, inhibits or fails to allow or protect, then I'm sure world newspapers will be glad to herald - "America Tyranny" USA Subjugate's it's Citizens." This must start yesterday and be done unrelentingly. Anybody got a better idea? I wonder if Donald J Trump would back this one?

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