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In a plan that easily could be called the "head shrink job protection bill," Democrats have proposed a massive and exhaustive gun-control plan that would require gun owners and their family members to undergo "psychological evaluations."

In other words, it's all the marxist bullshit they pulled back in 1916 or so, to create the soviet union. How'd that one go again? oh yeah, 20+ million dead, and a collapsing country. As well as an entire generation of children who had to live with the knowledge that they murdered their PARENTS (yes, they did) in their sleep at the advice of their EDUCATORS and whatever other influencers were labeling the responsible, sensible, logical, normal ones the "problem".

You are seeing a Marxist tactic - a long written one, take place - in truth it's BEEN taking place. This strategy for those unaware is called "Divide and Conquer" and it's one of the final steps before full on military might being used against a country to take it over by force. Guess where in that process we are? pay attention and stop being so damn gullible, people.

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