Ron Lam is discussing:

The 2 party system really has go. When Trump was POTUS, the Republicans did not enact Section 230 Reform. Now they will neve win again. Why? Their supporters will be censored or banned. How can you win when your supporters are not allowed to speak. That said, it is also bad for the Democrats too.

Within the Democrats, the -Progressives- Regressives, will gradually become Communist Authoritarians. Power for the sake of power, and nothing else. It can not be good when Democrats are saying Republicans should quit for "alleged" crimes. You only end up with a one party state. In this case COMMUNISM.

Now would be a good time to break up the 2 party system, and put new people in government. And term limits too this time. If new people can not enter and refresh the system, the System of Government gets stale for the people of the country. When the system get stale, it will be harder for cultural changes that will inevitably happen to flourish. When much needed cultural changes can not happen, people will not be happy. Breaking tradition will not be popular, but just maybe fresh ideas and perspectives might benefit the country in the long run.