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Why, in the last 12 days of his presidency, did Donald Trump suddenly become the authoritarian of liberal fantasies? He sure wasn’t an authoritarian for the…

I have sat back and watched stupid bitch after stupid bitch run their fucking mouths off about this, or that. Frankly, I'm sick of this shit from you " I made it popular on the tails of another person and now I'm going to attack said person." listen here mother fucker- the world isnt just some crack pipe you get to smoke, theres deals that have to be made and each placement of a game piece actually matters. You dont get to just fucking demand shit from some one in political power and then when they are un able to deliver, act like its some how their fault. Hes the fucking president, hes one person out of thousands in government. he was the only one that was stopping people from completely destroying this country. If it wasnt for him we would have been well in to a pile of shit right now. Instead of being pissed at what he didnt do, try to ind the things he did that went well.... Like the whole middle east thing, no new wars started, peace with Israel, low unemployment for impoverished communities etc. beat the living shit anything some half malnutritioned monster from an 80's cat cartoon could pull together.

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