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Baked Alaska's prominence on DLive is part of broader migration of deplatformed extremists to the livestreaming site.

[Lisa Kaplan, founder of the Althea Group, which helps organizations navigate online threats, said that members of organized hate groups will use the images and videos to recruit new members and show their strength. And, she warned, they also might have further reach.

“We can anticipate this being used in propaganda against the United States by our foreign adversaries,” she said.]

Y'all ARE the foreign adversaries. Just because you control the airwaves and currency doesn't make you any less foreign or unwanted. You might THINK people want you here, but its only due to their ignorance. Your perception of these platforms as dangerous is accurate- the more people exposed to the truth about (many) jews, the larger the group of people pissed off at jews. You should support Owen Benjamin- he's the only guy out there for us with pattern recognition that points out that not all jews are disgusting, evil satanic talmudic trash.

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