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In a recording obtained by The Washington Post, President Trump alternately berated, begged and threatened Brad Raffensperger to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s win in the state.

This is the typical liberal media hack job. They present all of the Presidents concerns as false "because" someone on a phone call, who presented no data, no evidence, nothing to audit, said they were. I can do the same about this article. I can write an article claiming that everything in this article is false, because someone repeatedly claimed everything in it is false and provide zero to back it up. What is sad, is not that this blatant propaganda is produced, but that so many people believe they were "informed" by it. I have used State run voter information sites to look up dead people in various states - to see if they voted. I have confirmed that known dead people breaking the world record for age have voted. Now the liberal nuts can claim that the fraudulent votes I found are not enough to sway the election, but to claim the counts are accurate is a bold faced lie. Why is everyone so afraid of an audit to remove known fraudulent votes? Oh yeah, I forgot, because they want to install "their chosen socialist." Never mind.

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