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Nothing to see the here. The vaccine is safe. Tell all your friends and family.

"Remember that nurse who they trotted out in front of the cameras after she got the vaccine, she got light headed, keeled over right on camera, and then the camera cut out as doctors crammed around her lifeless body? Official local news media reported social media posts turned up which seemed to indicate she had died, but the family didn’t want anybody talking about it because they were threatened. 4Chan began to look into it, and based off death records, they think her body was shipped back to her hometown to be quietly put on the death records there. /pol has noted, her friends and family plus nurses are ignoring all the Instagram comments asking if she’s okay, she usually posts every 2-3 days and it’s been like a week since she posted on Instagram, there was a post up on the hospital page for FB saying she was feeling better and now they took it down, someone made a new channel to pretend she’s alive while leaving her old channel alone, and a friend posted a picture of the two of them together, but /pol noticed the picture was part of a set from a while back, and not recent."

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