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Barack Obama and his Deep State minions got hit with some bad news. The truth they tried to suppress is now out in public. And the smoking gun that proved Barack Obama framed Donald...

Some guy says the director knew about a briefing that knew that the Russians knew that the Clintons wanted to make people think that Donald is controlled by Russia. I'd like to see a smoking gun but this isn't it. This is someone claiming that someone else knew about someone else knowing about what someone else thought about someone else's plans, that's more bullshit like than what the left tried to feed us about Ukraine in the impeachment. 7th grade schoolyard stuff.

Also even if it was recorded phone calls and video these guys have taken many hits from smoking guns. Their political shield is strong and the common man may never hear about it and will forget it in a week. I'm not sure any "news" can take these people down.

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