The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) on Wednesday finalized its decision to weaken environmental analysis of many of its plans, excluding a number of actions from scientific review or community input.


The U.S. Forest Circus, one of the most regulation-bound agencies in the U.S. Government, has just been given a little bit of breathing room.

I've worked, directly and indirectly, for the Forest Circus. They have so damn many regulations that you can't even take a crap in the woods without fear of violating some stupid rule. You might "endanger" some spotted bug that no one ever heard of, you know.

Decison-making should be returned to people who LIVE and WORK in the woods, managing forests for a living, and all authority over them should be removed from citified environmentalists who know nothing about forestry, and are only creating these regulations to satisfy an anti-American agenda.