Vladdi Basarab is discussing:

"Racism" is also known as one's own brain's "pattern-recognition" ability, plus one's free association rights: you know , to "freely associate" (or not) with those you find compatible, (or not) and, as such, it is also obviously a combination of both genetics (Nature) and of indoctrination (Nurture).

As a measurement of the natural expression of like associating with and marrying like, the Asians are thus proven to be the biggest “racists,” and Whites being the least racist.

Without this inherent, genetic and intellectual predisposition to “racism,” no “races” – not even the poor oppressed victimal “People Of Color” ones so favored by the Left – would be able to have ever existed at all! so "racism" is perfectly natural, and everyone always does it anyways.

Accusations of "Racism!" don't matter, because in fact everyone is already racist - it's only liberals who feel bad when their own brains' pattern-detectors detect differences, and so they deny those differences exist just to make them selves feel better while they pretend to defend everyone else's presumably subjectively butthurt feelings of offense too. But the objective truth still hurts - liars. When they scream "You're all bigoted racists!" they can often be induced to admit that they all do it, too - but then they'll instantly double-down to prove their own hypocrisy by attempting to virtue-signal the pretense they're more moral, "Holier Than Thou," and ultimately "Better Than You!" (if not actually "Supreme!") anyway, simply because they try to deny and suppress their own brain's rational and logical pattern-detecting ability in them selves and you won't self-emasculate to contribute to their civilizational suicide plan.

But leftist gangsters want to nullify both our genetic predispositions and our intellectual rights to make free-will choices for ourselves – they are, as always, all about "totalitarian" total control - aka SLAVERY! And they want to enslave us to protect only them selves from the violence they rightly anticipate from the less intelligent and mentally inferior races' own jealous recognition of the obvious: that Whites ARE naturally superior, having invented civilization and everything in modern life. Non-Whites aren't intelligent enough to merely admire us or competitively envy and seek to imitate or emulate us - knowing they can't - which leaves them only jealous destruction.

Leftists are hypocrites. Remember: all criminals are hypocrites, and all hypocrites are criminals!