John Cleese has warned that hate speech laws, such as those proposed by the SNP administration in Scotland, are "disastrous" for creativity.

Perhaps the best that this has been explained yet:

“So I looked it up in the dictionary, of course it doesn’t mean fat at all — but to a small number of people it means fat, and therefore they’re trying to control the way I speak because they have a little private rule themselves that it has a completely different meaning from the one I’ve grown up with,” he said.

“This is a sort of oversensitivity, and I think some of it is because of people are trying to feel that they’re very good people; [they] almost sit around waiting to be offended, so that they can [say] Oh, I’ve been offended! Sorry everyone but that’s it, I’ve been offended, and this person who offended me is a very bad person.’ I mean, it’s actually very silly.”