President Donald Trump said his nomination to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court would likely be announced next week.

Only someone like Judge Roy Moore or Scott Lively would be acceptable, sodomite coddlers should not even be in govt. #Leviticus20Verse13 #MAAGA #MakeAmericaAntiGayAgain

As long as the list of judges is full of liberals and sodomites and sodomite coddlers, then there is no point in appointing anyone. We would just end up with another gorsuch or roberts. It is hopeless to rely on scotus and judges to protect Christians and babies and innocent people, most judges are nothing but liberal loons. #IgnoreScotus #KillAllLiberalJudges

Liberal judges all over the world are pushing the satanic agenda, this happens even in countries like Poland, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil...... Relying on these hoodlums in black robes only gives them too much power.