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Federal police claim Deanne Pamela Brock and Lenore Jennifer, both 41, and Herlihy Renee Parker, 36, conspired to submit several false applications to access the super of other Australians.

She copies what our politicians do but on a far far far smaller scale. She will never make it as a politician scamming such small amounts. Brainfart Biden is promising to grab $9 trillion for pollution while fighting to get $3 trillion more in fake flu fighting funds.

Americans need to get smart. TAXES POLLUTE! Taxes are taken from people performing a job. Jobs always pollute from a little to a lot.

Now consider how much pollution will be created to grab $9 trillion in taxes to control pollution sold as “Climate Control”, aka Green New Deal lol.

Now consider that spending $9 trillion dollars in taxes will also pollute. Making money and spending money pollutes. Including money called taxes.

If they borrow money from abroad, making that money polluted.

If they print $9 trillion, increasing the debt more, that debt must be paid by taxes taken from businesses and their employees that pollute a little to a lot.

Taxes pollute. There will be a lot of pollution done to grab enough taxes from businesses and workers to pay down the $27 trillion debt.

Politicians pollute because they ALWAYS have grown taxes and spending and the size of governments (City, County, State, Federal).

They travel unnecessarily and live lavishly on and off their jobs.

They are controlled and enabled by polluters, CEO’s, Unions, etc.

They grow pollution by giving aid to 3rd world countries to grow their industries (pollution), grow their disposable spending (pollution).

Pollution can only be slowed and the US and the world scam us with their tax grabs. Because making and spend taxes pollutes.

To slow pollution the world must return to the low polluting Stone Age type lifestyles. That ain’t going to happen.

So pollution wins. Wins faster when taxes are said to be the remedy to reduce pollution. THERE AIN’T NO REDUCING POLLUTION, JUST SLOWING IT!

If all humans died instantly, pollution would continue for centuries as all we put under, on and above the earth degrades and contaminates the soil, water, air.