Aran is discussing:

$15 min wage was a fucking disaster in the states that tried it. we lost so many jobs because of that shit. the left doesnt learn form its mistakes and are going to destroy the nation without even trying. unfortunately they are trying and winning.

a nation our size can barely afford medicare for some, medicare for all would ruin the nation worse then the great depression.

the southern border is a mass grave and the body count would be much higher without the border patrol in place. these fuckers dont care about central / south americans. if they did they would know how much we need a VERY strong border patrol and security because not only are people being abandoned in a fucking desert with no food, water, directions and dying there but we're also dealing with human trafficking because guess what as it turns out slavery is still an issue.

mexico is a pretty great place. if they want a better life then thats the best place to settle and its safe reaching mexico then trying to cross all the way into the US. we need to uphold our laws, non citizens dont get the rights and protections of citizens.