GhostRevan is discussing:

We are already in a civil war (currently a soft coup) though for the longest time it was a cold civil war for well over a decade, even longer.

It is only recently things are getting hot enough that those who are paying attention are seeing a war between those who follow the marxist doctrine, built up decades ago with hijacking universities and controlling the media (news, hollywood for example), and everyone else who either loves freedom or are not politically active.

We're in bad position as the news media are constantly pumping out propaganda and arguing FOR censorship in a country where these people are protected by the freedom of speech and press.

Fortunately more people are waking up to the madness caused by the far-left that'll eventually become more active politically against them if only someone(s) to stand up against them and say "enough".

Eventually a cold civil war turns hot enough that the far-left movement fizzles out (most of their ranks are filled with soy-boys) when they are stood up by hardened patriots.

At some point rhetoric goes from "let's have a discussion before..." to "die commie!" when the far-left goes to far.

How will they go to far? When they start destroying people's livelihood to outright showing up to their houses, burning it down, with victims inside.

Lines are being drawn, factions formed, we know who are our friends who love America, and those who don't.