Apul Madeeq-Aoud is discussing:

President Trump on Wednesday lashed out at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) for moving ahead with plans to paint “Black Lives Matter” along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, calling the mural a "symbol of hate."

This is what I see from the last 20 years of violent activism in this country. Because Muslims are violent, society has adjusted itself to never criticize them. They are above reproach. Now blacks have adopted the same philosophy. And society is adjusting to never criticize them. They are above reproach.

What we don't have is a white activist movement in this country. They need to be as violent and ruthless as Muslims and blacks. They, WE, need to get out in the streets, riot en masse, burn cities, take over sections, attack politicians at their homes, tear down MLK street names and statues, burn books, the whole 9 yards.

Because what 20 years has shown us is that both politicians and society at large responds to violence. Turns out violence IS an answer. But it can't be one white supremacist shooting up a black church. It has to be a MOVEMENT. White Stand. Millions of whites marching on Washington DEMANDING change. Starting WHITE ONLY businesses. Boycotting BLM supporting businesses.

It sounds stupid but if we don't do this we will be genocided eventually. Either whites group and stand or they'll be wiped out.