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We have reached ONE MILLION signatures on the petition to shut down Pornhub for its complicity in sex trafficking. One. Million. Signatures. On February 9, my op-ed “Time to Shut Pornhub Down” was released in the Washington Examiner. On that day, I had no idea that, only a short time later, one million people from 192 countries would be answering that call to action.  Make no mistake, this petition is not just words on a screen. We have witnessed that there's POWER in this petition to mobilize changemakers, globally, in the fight to hold the world’s largest porn site, and its parent company MindGeek, accountable for its crimes. Because of this petition:The voices of survivors have been elevated.Lawmakers in multiple countries have called for investigations. Law enforcement has been activated. The media has published hundreds of articles worldwide.  Civil attorneys have joined the fight.Artists have been inspired to help spread the truth to millions.Over 300 anti-trafficking, child protection, and women’s rights organizations have linked arms in support.  Protesters have gained visibility before the highest levels of government.Even those in the porn industry itself have united to revolt against Pornhub and MindGeek. And at the heart of this movement are the everyday citizens, across the globe, who have collectively raised their voices in opposition to this egregious mass exploitation that lurks only two clicks away.  We have proclaimed, loud and clear, that it's NOT OK for women and children’s most traumatic and violent moments to be dished up as masturbation material for the world's pleasure and Pornhub's profit. I am more encouraged than ever to continue pressing relentlessly toward this enormous goal that we—one million voices—have united to achieve.  The progress that I have seen over these past few months, because of this petition, has been astounding, and greater things are yet to come. Yes, we are taking on a giant. But we now have a massive global movement standing up together against super predator Porhub and the mega pimps behind it. Let’s continue to bring the fight hard and fast. In the next few weeks, the campaign will be releasing strategic new content pieces that you can engage with and share to quickly propel this movement ahead. Right now, here are two ways you can directly strengthen this fight: 1) Ask your friends to sign the petition. The more signers we get, the greater the social and legal pressure will be for Pornhub to be held accountable. 2) Give. We're taking on a wealthy behemoth of a company and we need resources to keep the pressure on. To this end, we started a crowdfunding campaign and you can chip in any amount to help meet the goal. Thank you for being part of this fight to SHUT IT DOWN! Until we prevail, Laila Mickelwait and the Traffickinghub Team

Twitter is worse than Backpage and Pornhub combined yet no one is holding them accountable for the crimes they allow to organize on the platform.

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