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The Trump administration told a federal court Wednesday that it has canceled a portion of border wall it had planned to build near Yuma, Arizona, saying costs for other parts of the wall are coming in higher than anticipated and there's not enough money to go around.

"You still believe that the system we have provides hope of a turnaround via elections".

To a degree. Trump was not a guy who was expected to have made it and he still isn't "their guy". That will likely be the reason we will have senile Joe's Marxist female VP as our leader sometime in 2021. That establishment you speak of had earmarked Jeb Bush in 2016 as the next guy in case Hildabeast lost. We DO have some power left. Very little but it exists. I don't know how else you solve the problem which you outlined which I would guess is the deep state + the ruling class elitists like Soros, Gates, Buffet and some that we would not even recognize the names of if we heard. How do we rid the world of the nameless/faceless lot who are in control? With every new technology (5g, drones, vaccine trackers ...) we are closer to bondage than ever. How can that be reversed?

It seems like a lost cause. The Constitution stands in the way of thing like the new world order but we have to be aware of it and fight it. Trump is not for this but Senile Joe's VP will be