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Michael Moore film Planet of the Humans removed from YouTube | Michael Moore | The Guardian

" On average, a solar panel generates 26 units of solar energy for every unit of fossil energy required to build and install it. For wind turbines the ratio is 44 to one." What is fossil and solar units? How a bout ratio of joules rather than a convoluted fanciful invented unit that is completely subjective!?!

Fact the life cycle of creating, accumulating energy, and disposal of Solar or Wind - is only slightly better than if the fossil fuel was simply used. Wind is actually WORSE because of the constant maintenance needed. After a certain amount of time, it is too costly to maintain. There is a finite life to wind and solar panels.

Admittingly the cost is going down but it is NO WHERE CLOSE to the cost of simply using the fossil fuels directly. The evirnomentalists have complete discredited themselves by lying so blatantly. Sadly, if they were just honest and not such compulsive liars, they could at least make the argument that with time, the cost will reach parity, and the results are a cleaner environment in the long run.