Dog-Faced Pony Soldier is discussing:

The Los Angeles city council voted on Wednesday to identify any hotels refusing to house the homeless as part of Project Roomkey, to investigate if any of those hotels have gotten tax breaks from the city in the past, and suggested these hotels may need to be “commandeered”.

These bitches will cry for all the right causes at all the right times. But when the rubber hits the road, these NIMBY faggots suddenly see their ideology coming home... like LITERALLY:

"The homeowners association sent out a notice to members notifying them that they will be resisting participation in Project Roomkey, citing security, health, and property value concerns.

“We were all shocked and offended when we found out this might be a possibility,” said Art Avaness, broker and owner of RE/MAX DTLA. “In theory it’s a great idea, I support the program but in practice specifically for this property, it just isn’t, because you want to house hundreds of homeless people in a structure that’s literally in the same building with 224 homeowners? Having it in your own home basically is just a little too much, in fact, it’s offensive.”The Ritz has received millions in tax breaks from the city in the past."

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