Robert Dollier is discussing:

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield predicted the death toll from the coronavirus will be "much, much, much lower" than models have projected.

When the media went from downplaying the virus and covering for their co-conspirator's Chinese business interests by chucking 'racist' around indiscriminately to bitching that Trump wasn't being authoritarian enough, I knew something was up.

I'm guessing some big brain in one of the cigar smoke filled backrooms realised they had this great, golden opportunity to cause and then exploit a panic.

I'm guessing that we will be seeing pushes for federally mandated vaccinations, vaccination registries, the total digitisation of money, lockouts from banks/banking if you don't have your vaccines up to date. Martial law (which is what this effectively is) being used for everything..

And all it took was a 'scaawee wittle wirus' and poof, "Welcome to the USSR!"