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Chelsea Clinton seemingly criticized Jared Kushner's involvement in the efforts to combat COVID-19 Friday, saying that even with her experience in public health, she wouldn't qualify for the Task Force.

Gee ChelSeaBiscuit, would your degree have anything to do with 'Daddy' donating a lot of money to Africa for AIDS work? Did 'Daddy' hand you those reports and you wrote those into a dissertation, or did 'Daddy' get you a ghost writer? or is your 'degree' based on what you heard the doctors tell you about HildaBeast's condition, and because she is a 'public' figure you warped that into 'I have experience in 'public health'?

Nothing you have ever done is credible. It is all tainted by the corruption of your 'family'. Even your wedding was a sham. And you TEACH?

Shut up, sit down, open a box of wine for Momma. She's having trouble walking again.