Troy Nathan Taylor is discussing:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was aghast Thursday night after receiving a letter in which President Trump accused him of being a “bad” senator and asserted that Schumer was vulnerable to a primary challenge from within his own party.

Get over yourself Schumer!! You are too insensitive and indifferent to be appalled at anything we all know that is just an act! You know exactly what the virus is doing to the economy because no doubt you are involved in this just to bring Trump down so you can blame him for all of this!! You're still a loser shit bag in the end in all eyes!! If it weren't for the corrupt mother fuckers in the NY mob that support you and silicon valley in CA dumping huge bucks in Pelosi's lap you'd both be shittin' in the street where you belong!! I look forward to that day you all pay for all you've done these last few years attacking Trump!!

Many of us don't buy this virus crap you know? The numbers don't lie! Even on that cruise ship where everyone on board had every potential to catch this virus it never affected 80% of the pop of the ship!! This will play out in the USA the same way and when it does we're coming for you all crying wolf here!! We' will not forget!