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"We are all god's children". It's a trite sentiment.

If true, we are about to see "god" is a shitty parent. god sits by and does nothing while some of his children torture, mutilate, and kill other children.

What's that? Q and the patriots are about to change all that? Why didn't "god" do something long before torture, mutilation, and death were carried-out on an industrial scale? Your god doesn't deserve credit or worship. Your god created all of this. Your god created humankind with the capacity to inflict suffering to degrees I can't even imagine. Your god created humankind with the ability to dream-up and do those things.

And your Jesus? He suffered there is no doubt. If you count the sweating blood in the garden all the way up to his death on the cross the following afternoon, he suffered for a meager 24 hours or less. I'm sorry, but he can't identify with what those children went through. He got-off easy, the cunt.

Fuck the government. Fuck the church. Fuck you.

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