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Cities across the United States are releasing hundreds of criminals amid the coronavirus outbreak, prompting gun owners to stock up on guns and ammo. And over the weekend, "Monty Python" star and British actor John Cleese mocked those Americans preparing to defend themselves. 

John Cleese mocks Americans for their 2A rights.

Meanwhile in Britain, a female police officer overheard karaoke singing coming from a backyard bar-b-que. They were singing a song mocking Bin Laden the terrorist.

She called it in, the police scrambled 6 squad cars and even a police helicopter and raided the party. That was in Oxfordshire.

Meanwhile, in another part of Britain a school librarian noticed a schoolboy was using the library computer to access the UKIP official website for an assignment on politics. The school rang the police, who came and arrested the boy.

The police rang the father and asked him to come to the station and discuss the boy's "crime". The father was incredulous when he found out that the crime was accessing the website of the third largest political party in Britain. When he said this, the police replied "well we don't think it's right" that the boy was looking at the website.

And meanwhile in Britain, the Home Office released figures showing that 90% of crimes never have a criminal conviction recorded. Presumably because the police are too busy arresting people for wrongthing.

So, John Cleese, you sir can fuck off.