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Dr. Anthony Fauci's interview with Science magazine began on an inauspicious note. Asked how he's doing right now, Fauci said he was "exhausted" but "good." "I mean, I'm not, to my knowledge, coronavirus-infected," he said, before adding with a laugh: "To my knowledge, I haven't been fired." The half-joke was a sign of things to come. What followed were several exchanges that should help people take stock of President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus. Repeatedly, Fauci tacitly and even openly admitted that comments made by the commander in chief are not true and are not in line with what the nation's leading infectious disease expert is advising. In short, it's precisely what the critical coverage of Trump has been saying for weeks, but that Trump's many and ardent defenders have applied blinders on themselves to ignore. The interviewer, Jon Cohen, asked whether Fauci would acknowledge that Trump says things he disagrees with, and Fauci seemed to grant the premise - albeit diplomatically. Fauci maintained that, "I don't disagree on the substance" - with "on the substance" being the key phrase - but then added: "It is expressed in a way that I would not express it, because it could lead to some misunderstanding about what the facts are about a given subject." If we're going to distill that down, he's essentially saying the president is confusing people - at the bare minimum. The exchange highlights the mixed messages the country has been getting in recent days, in particular, about the promise of certain drugs to treat coronavirus. While Fauci has warned that evidence of the drugs' effectiveness is "anecdotal" and that there is no "magic drug" to treat coronavirus, Trump said Friday that he "disagreed" with Fauci, at least in part, and has repeatedly hailed a malaria drug in particular as a possible...

Stop with the bullshit narrative and report what he said.

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