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We had been to their apartment twice in the last two months. This was the third time. As before, the neighbors called, no doubt tired of the loud arguments that echoed through the thin apartment…

I swear it doesn't get more cringe than male feminist authored articles at Medium.

-Man provides sole financial contribution to support family, likes to wind down with friends after work. -Woman is a SaHM with a single child, complains of "being invisible".

Instead of taking responsibility for her choices, the woman blames her husband. The author also blames the man, yet nowhere in the article is there any evidence that he has done anything wrong. In fact, the author's advice to the woman is to take charge of her own life. Which, lo and behold, makes her happy and helps her relationship with her husband.

Note these key points: She got fit. She stopped using her husband as her sole point of social interaction. So basically she had a kid, let herself go, and started nagging her husband for attention.

Everything she experienced was the result of her own actions, or inaction in this case.

This is gynocentrism folks. Both the author and the woman blamed her husband for her problems, yet unsurprisingly, all she needed to do was take responsibility for herself.

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