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Former FBI Director, current husband, father, and grandfather(!), writing and speaking about ethical leadership, taller and funnier in person.

What would James Comey know about ethical leadership? He let Clinton walk when he had her dead to rights on Title 18 violations placing classified material on a personal computer. He lied to congress multiple times. He lied to the judges of the FISA courts.

It's because of James Comey 1/2 the country thinks the intelligence agencies are rife with corruption, and they are. This man ought to be in jail.

This man was involved with a 3 year long coup attempt because a woman that brought back slavery to Libya and voted for Bush's war over a non existent weapons of mass destruction program couldn't beat the Orange man, and he did it by trying to restart the Cold War.

I don't use the word traitor very often, but I think it applies to this particular individual. Its astounding what shameless garbage have been allowed to be at the highest levels of government. Not only do they have to be removed from government, they have to be removed from society.