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Workers say Target is making drastic cuts to their schedules and doubling their workload as it increases minimum wage under its ‘modernization plan’ to increase efficiency

"If you want a higher than minimum wage job then you need a career that will require at least 60 hours per week. You'll be living at your job and never see your family! You won't have time to do your own cooking and cleaning. "

HAHA, I work a straight 40 in IT, make great money and have the rest of my time free to do as I wish. I cook at home more often than not, but eat out frequently too, and I do all of my own cleaning... Strange how one can be an adult so easily... Other people's experiences will vary of course, but no you don't HAVE to have a career job that you spend 60+ hours at each week. I also didn't waste money on a worthless degree, so I don't have to worry about that bullshit.

"Minimum wage earners are just more normal."

I didn't say they are abnormal, I said it will always be the lowest wage tier regardless of how high they increase it. Way to make a completely nonsensical retort that has zero applicability to anything I said.