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Barr and Trump (read all government) need to control guns AND media. This is a trick to try and repeal the very thing that is keeping censorhsip at bay.

Remember this?:


Removing web site protections will result in less competition to Big Tech. Trump and Bar are working with Big Tech to eleminate competition like Dissenter and Gab. Removing the protections will force companies to police their content, but small competing companies will not be able to afford to police content. Facebook, Google, Youtube, Apple, and Twitter will be the only companies able to afford to police content. How is that free speach working out for you on those platforms?!?


They're always trying to find a way to control speach so they can control your mind. They're always trying to find a way to justify taking your guns so you cannot defend yourslef.

Barr is NOT your friend, he want's to back door encryption. Trump is not your friend, because he supports Red Flag laws.

Stay frosty and don't be fooled!