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CNN’s Brian Stelter opened “Reliable Sources” on Sunday with a prolonged lecture on anti-Trump talking point du jour “authoritarianism,” which critics quickly mocked as a knockoff of the old CBS educational series “Sunrise Semester” and “left-wing conspiracy nonsense.”

“On his list are things like fearmongering, demonizing the opposition and using state power to reward corporate backers and punish opponents,” Stelter said, asking, “Does that sound familiar?”

Why yes, Brian, indeed it does. The Left is fearmongering that Trump is a dictator and everyone who voted for him are racist, sexist, Islamophobes, blah blah blah. My proof of that would be ... Brian Stelter in this very segment.

Demonizing the opposition ... like calling Trump "literally Hitler", "worse than Hitler", etc. Trump supporters are racist, sexist, blah blah blah

Using state power to reward corporate backers ... like sweetheart deals to the auto unions, solar panel companies, etc.

Punish opponents ... like fake "Russia Russia Russia", the IRS targeting conservative groups, the Intel Community leaks, unmasking Trump supporters, etc.

Yes, Brian, all those things sound VERY familiar.

Obama brought Chicago politics to Washington D.C.