Nam Retupad is discussing:

Tim, you don't understand. It's not "what" is said, it's who is saying it.

The Left can use every racial, sexual, religious slur out there, and it's fine. If The Right so much as challenges a "minority's" opinion, they're labelled racist, sexist, religious, blah blah blah.

Remember The Left throwing Oreo cookies at Michael Steele (a Republican black man)? The implication being Steele is black on the outside, but white on the inside.

The Left can call Baltimore, LA, Detroit, etc. an s-hole, but The Right can't say the same thing. That would be racist.

Trump calls some countries s-holes and is vilified as a racist. But The Left says America MUST allow the citizens of those countries to freely flow into America, unfettered and unchecked, because their home countries are such s-holes. Okay, they don't call them s-holes, but it is effectively what they're saying about them (violence, drugs, gangs, poverty, yada yada).