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I think Rachel Maddow Has Made The Left Literally Insane, I'm Being Serious


It's NOT Rachel Maddow. It has to do with gene death, and when those genes are facing death, they'll do anything they can to survive. There is NO logic other than to bamboozal those on the right so as to ensure an environment that is favroable to their reproductive strategy.

It's K vs. r reporductive strategies. It's also why lefties call you right wing, because you're all about rules and being fair. You're reproductive strategy is more K than r. You're interested in having a family and taking care of that family. You're interested in hard work.

The left (r reproductive strategy) depends on chaos and spray and pray. It depends on feeding on the productive class and producing as many individuals as possible to ensure those genes survive. In a K world, those genes are threatened with extinction.