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A forensic pathologist says that burst capillaries in Jeffrey Epstein’s eyes are consistent with strangulation, not hanging. Pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, the pathologist hired by Epstein’s brother to investigate his death, examined photographs of Epstein’s eyes during his autopsy, according to The Daily Mail, which reviewed an exclusive clip from a Dr. Oz special set…
  • 3 psychologists had to rule Epstein 'not suicidal' to end suicide watch
  • 2 guards had to 'fall asleep'
  • a coroner had to rule suicide when even an average Joe can see it was not
  • someone had to report the videos malfunctioned, which were then found to be working
  • someone else then had to report the working videos 'accidentally deleted'
  • All these things had to be coordinated without any of them ratting - that means people in the prison involved and selecting and moving things around. It had to come from very high up in the prison to know who to select and talk to.

In other words. It's fucking OBVIOUS this is a CONSPIRACY. So who could get a Federal Prison in New York City to run a massive conpiracy? Well guess what, the state is Democrat run.

Who would be destroyed even more badly if Clinton's raping became common knowledge? The Democrats. Who has a reputation for corruption and killing? The Clintons. In other words, Dems did this to hide Clinton's guilt.

Now why the fuck hasn't A G Barr swept in and taken over the investigation? How the FUCK were these numbskulls left to investigate their own murder scene?

These questions are all obvious. Why isn't someone in Trump land doing something?