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That's it? That's where you end this ridiculous article? "It is a choice to live in a libertarian society with a deregulated and degenerate culture." Don't you mean it's a choice to live in a free society or a totalitarian one? The choice to live in a society where you can freely access things others might deem "sinful" on the internet but also speak the truth about the State, about crime, about your quality of life, about anything.

Ah, you have the "choice" to allow a supreme authority to "protect" you from making your own moral choices on matters some deem "sinful" so they will simultaneously gain the power to "protect" you from anything else they deem a "threat to the people."

Race realism is infected with this kind of authoritarian cancer because most race realists have no real understanding of the classical liberal tradition. It's beyond their weak, emotional minds to accept that race is real and also that authoritarianism is bad. Fight to have a space for your race, then fight to make sure you are allowed to live in freedom in that space, including making your own moral choices. There isn't an alternative, really, unless you want some oligarchy that pretends to be a superior aristocracy deciding how you should live, where you should go, what you can say, etc.

Additionally, this fight to make internet porn illegal is either an intentional strategy to divide the right and hopefully gain more totalitarian control for the globalists, or certain moral nannies on the right are so stupid they are creating this divide and willfully handing more control to the globalists.

But please, keep dismissing people with "Okay, Coomer" and virtue signalling. They do that kind of moral posturing very well on the left already. On the left they promote environmental hysteria, which is conveniently buttressed by authoritarian legislation to give more control to the globalists. We on the right must do our part, find something we can virtue signal about that will also create moral hysteria and give more control the globalists. Get to it, puritans!

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