Al Barry is discussing:

The left's tactic of not accepting a president or PM work. And ultimately this behavior will lead to lame duct tories or GOPs. So the right eventually (hopefully)( adopts equivalent tactics.

Memes are funny and good but they dont win elections. Protests seem to do that. So if this is the path, then you half half of a country ALWAYS protesting and obstructing. That cant end well long term...OR

Or nobody gets a vote. Only net tax contributors (possibly only those with children, ie a next generation) should vote.

Oh, a system like that will never wor...err...sure the US was like this prior to the civil war, but its not like...err...I mean it expaded to become a beacon of freedom, wealth and happiness for generations. So yeah, who would have thought that people on welfare would vote for stupid things, for money into their own pockets, free everything, and a replacing population to work to pay for and be taxed for all of it. Wow.