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I suppose if you have the ability to block everyone who disagrees with you, or use your blue-tick privilege to get them banned, it's very easy to convince yourself that everyone in the UK believes in Marxist commie woke BS and loves Jeremy Corbyn.

A big theme of that article was Leftists having a sudden realisation that conservatives don't use Twitter. Are they really surprised, given that Twitter is so hostile to anyone who is even vaguely conservative or right-wing? You can get banned for posting extremely mild opinions that 80-90% of people IRL would agree with - while lefties who post utterly hateful shit, and repeatedly dox and harass people, are allowed to keep their blue-tick accounts. Some of them even have Twitter employees (including Jack himself) on speed dial to ban anyone they don't like.

If you want to use Twitter as a conservative at all, you either have to use extremely coded language, or chip away at it with fake names and multiple burner accounts. Be prepared to be banned for posting "hate facts" i.e. things that are objectively true, but inconvenient to the diversity rainbow narrative. It's not surprising that normies absolutely cannot be arsed with that nonsense.