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Spam central where FOX decides to stop the page from scrolling so they can pop up another video on you even while the video you want to see is playing so you get two going at once and ads all over the page. Then you can't make the page listen and what do you do? YOU TELL FOX TO FUCK OFF ! That is what you do because they are not news and they are not worried about reporting news they are only here for the money and selling you the crap they are told you shop for which they are now going to try to sell you!

Put up with it if you like but this and Liberty Daily are both part of a one party two head system that cons you into thinking they compete! They are the same fucking entity and this is bull shit! Dump all these fucking lying news entertainment sites and open your fucking eyes! They are con men lying to you on both sides you dumb fucks! Like a single boxer punching you sometimes with the left jab and others with the right! You fall for it every time! Read Steinbeck!